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Upcycle Instagram Heroes


AUGUST 14, 2020

Over the last past year, throwaway culture in the west has slowly become less favourable making room for 'upcycling' for both cost and environmental reasons. Food waste, being thrifty with clothing, is not only seen as a passing trend but considered an essential way of living for preserving our damaged earth.

Consumers are also rediscovering their pantries and making strides in reducing food waste at home – from growing their own veg to reviving last night's leftovers for breakfast. Our understanding of this planet has helped by popular documentaries like ' A life on our planet', 'tomorrow', 'the true cost', 'a plastic ocean' and 'Explained'. Social media has also played a big part in driving this eco-movement forward from simple guides and tips on blogs, how-to's video on social media and detailed personal accounts and lifestyle guides published by well eco-lifestyle writers.

So who here are our top UK hero zero-waste Instagramers and writers.

1. Max La Manna



Max La Manna, low waste chef and climate activist, bridges the gap between vegan food and waste-free cooking - inviting us to channel the MORE PLANTS LESS WASTE mindset and discover a stronger purpose in the kitchen and in our daily routines. Through his viral recipe videos and work with BBC Earth and beyond, Max has inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to rethink their approach to food consumption and made it his mission to breathe new life into our leftovers that are typically destined for the bin.


@maxlamanna I Cook & author

2. Immy Lucas


Through her popular youtube and Instagram accounts, Immy advocates a low impact lifestyle: zero waste, plant-based, and ethical. Recently Immy has directed her efforts towards founding the ‘Low Impact Movement’, which aims to educate people on how we can reduce waste alongside other ways we can help our planet.


@sustainably_vegan I Youtuber


3. Natalie Davies


Zero Waste Doc blog home to environmental sustainability advice for busy people like yourself. On the Zero Waste Doc blog, you'll find posts on a range of topics such as how to easily update your lifestyle towards creating less waste, the basics of climate activism, and social justice.


@zerowastedoc I Sustainability Blogger

3. Kate Arnell


If you haven't seen ''Six weeks to zero waste'' written by Kate Arnell it's now time to add this book to your wish list, as it is considered one of the UK's leading zero waste books. Kate is also well known for ECO BOOST blog, an online collection of discoveries and moments from her life that she wishes to share to help others on their eco journey. Kate discusses zero waste tips from grocery shopping and avoiding plastic packaging, organic produce and how to go about having a more sustainable lifestyle.

@Kate_arnell I TV Presenter | Eco Blogger | YouTuber | Writer