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Plymouth Gin The Original Strength English Gin


The rich and smooth taste of Plymouth Gin is the result of a balanced blend of seven hand-selected botanicals. The botanicals include: Juniper berries, Coriander seed, Orange peels, Lemon peels, Angelica Root, Green Cardamom, Orris Root.

Pair this gin with Dry Vermouth and Orange bitters to create a The Marguerite cocktail, the precursor of the dry martini

Origin: Plymouth, United Kingdom

Size: 70cl

Tasting Note: From deep earthy notes to wonderfully fresh juniper and a lemony bite, Plymouth Gin Original’s great depth of flavour is just one of the reasons it’s truly unique.

Nose: Rich, fresh aroma of juniper, followed by notes of coriander and cardamom

Palate: Extremely smooth, creamy and full-bodied, with a slight sweetness

Finish: Elegant, long, fresh and aromatic

Alcohol Units: 28.8 I Alcohol by Volume: 41.2%

Packaging type: Recyclable glass bottle

Award Winning

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