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Highland Spring Still Water


It’s all about the little details. Pure Highland Spring served from an elegant glass bottle is a quick way of adding something a little extra special when you’re throwing a party or entertaining friends. Our specially designed glass range effortlessly takes pride of place at the dinner table.

Origins: London, United Kingdom

By Beverage Type: Still Water 

Size: 1L

Packaging type: Recyclable glass bottle

Highland Spring: Every drop of Highland Spring comes from the majestic Ochil Hills, where it is carefully drawn from protected land.  We keep the land free from any kind of pollution, pesticides or habitation to ensure the water we draw is as pure as can be. In fact, Highland Spring was the first bottled water brand in the UK to have its catchment area certified as organic by the Soil Association, so you can be sure every drop of Highland Spring water is just as nature intended. 

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