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It all starts with a hamper...
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British Breakfast Picnic Hamper


1 x Primrose's Kitchen Organic Raw Carrot, Apple And Cinnamon Muesli 300g is consists of raw carrot, apple & cinnamon muesli. Balanced with a combination of apple, nuts and seeds as well as extra love in the form of chia seeds and psyllium husks.

1 x Naturya Organic Breakfast Boost Superberries 150g

A supercharged mix of nature's most nourishing foods blended with super berries to create a deliciously sweet topper for your porridge or cereal. Turn every breakfast and snack time into a journey of discovery with nutty hemp seeds, zingy goldenberries, chewy mulberries, roasted cacao nibs, sweet goji berries and wholesome chia seeds, mixed with fruity acai and blueberry.

4 x Martin Frobishers Orange Juice 250ml

Each bottle of orange juice contains three and a half plump, sunshine-filled oranges to get your taste buds tingling. Delightfully zesty, our Brazilian oranges are simply bashed and bottled to preserve their goodness.

2 x Pip & Nut Almond Butter Sachet 30g

Pip & Nut Butters are perfect for spreading on toast or adding into your porridge or granola bowl in the mornings.

1 x Little's Chocolate Chai Instant Coffee 50g

Super high-quality Arabica coffee infused with natural Swiss chocolate extract. So, what exactly is Swiss chocolate? Well, Swiss chocolate is chocolate made in Switzerland, obviously. A high-quality dark chocolate extract in the style of one of Switzerland’s most famous chocolate brands (hint, rhymes with flint!).

Packaging Options

Breakfast goodies on their own or with one of our beautiful picnic hampers, pictured.

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Finishing touches

Choose from our luxurious collection of hamper baskets, trunks and tote bags.